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About Electrolysis

Electrolysis remains the only permanent method recognized by the FDA to remove unwanted hair. This is achieved by inserting a tiny sterilized, disposable filament called a probe into the hair follicle next to the hair shaft inducing a small amount of electricity that causes a gradual destruction of the hair germ cells at the bottom of the follicle making it unable to produce a hair. There are three methods used in electrolysis:Short Wave,Galvanic and Blend. Electrolysis is effective on all hair and skin types and is achieved over a series of treatments. Here at Bonnie's Electrolysis, I use all three methods during your treatments depending on the type of hairs that I encounter. With your feedback, we will work together to decide what is the best treatment option for you! 


About me


Hi! My name is Bonnie Sartelle. I have been receiving electrolysis treatments since I was 14 years old. I know what it is like to deal with those unwanted hairs as I suffered from embarrassing hairs on my upper lip starting in middle school. I began my electrolysis treatments the summer before high school and have never looked back! I loved what electrolysis did for my self-confidence and self-esteem so much that I continued with my treatments on different areas of my body. Later I decided that I wanted to help other people achieve that same level of self-confidence that comes from the freedom of being hair free. Once I graduated from the extensive 1100 hour program at New England Institute of Electrolysis in 2003, I became licensed in the State of New Hampshire where I opened my own electrolysis business. I try to make all my clients feel welcomed in my office, my hope is that they feel  relaxed and comfortable as if they were at home. I believe that my clients and I are working together to achieve that smooth hair free skin they seek!


Bonnie's Electrolysis

Approved for all skin types